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The Company

Pépinière Boucher put’s all of it’s expertise in the production of trees, shrubs and perennials to participate in the development of our forests, revegetation of soils, bank stabilization and the beautification of our land and green spaces.


In addition to having specialized in the production of seedlings, Pépinière Boucher has developed the market for native plants that is exclusive to our region. It has a huge inventory of large trees templates to meet the requirements of our customers. Its horticultural inventory consists of perennials, shrubs and trees acclimated to our region. She has more than five hundred different species and in various formats, meeting the demands of its customers. It offers 25 different varieties of apple trees and several varieties of plum, cherry and pear trees. Pépinière Boucher also grows all small trees, medium and large development that are adapted to the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean and all shrubs present in our environment. We offer a wide variety of perennials and ornamental shrubs resistant to our climate.


Pépinière Boucher helps renew our natural resources so essential to Quebec. She is involved in preserving the fragile environmental balance that is our heritage!